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Amos Smith
1725 - 1798
Husband of Abigail Hart

Amos was born in 1725 and was the husband of Abigail Hart. Abigail was born in 1743, in Lynnfield, MA. She married Amos in Denvers, Mass. on August 20, 1764, where the coupled lived for a time. Later, they settled at Lynnfield, Mass. Abigail died April 28, 1828 at the age of 85 years. Amos died March 9, 1798. The inscription on the gravestone reads "AMOS SMITH who died March 9, 1798, at age 73." This stone is erected by his daughter Nabby Parsons. Thanks to Betty Patterson for the finding this inscription. Children of Abigail (Hartt) and Amos Smith are: Abigail 1766-1848, Polly 1767-1843, Jonathan 1768-1852, Walter 1773-1835
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Photo of Gravestone

Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: Bette Hartman
Lynnfield, Essex County

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