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Thomas Hartt
1771 - 1853
Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Thomas was born 1771 in Sunbury County, New Brunswick to Thomas and Sarah Hawkes.He was called Pioneer Thomas Hartt. Thomas at the age of 22, married Phebe Phillips of Oromocto Falls, NB on August 23, 1803, at Maugerville, Sunbury Co. N.B. Phebe was born in Essex County, New Jersey USA in 1776 died Dec. 24, 1856. Sunbury Co. N.B. Her parents were Thomas Phillips & Phoebe Bedford, United Empire Loyalists. They came from Gagetown to the north branch of the Oromocto. Phebe died Dec 24, 1867 in Maugerville, Sunbury Co. N.B. Thomas died December 1, 1853. Both are buried in Gladstone Cemetery, Fredericton Junction, Sunbury Co. N.B. A man from the area carved a picture representing Pioneer Thomas Hartt. Children of Thomas & Phebe Phillips are: David 1805-1893, Rebecca 1806-1876, Phebe 1809-1883, Josephus 1810--, Aaron 1811-1868, Sarah 1814-1885, Thomas E., 1818-1890, Madtilda 1823-1901, Mary Ann 1825-1891, Elizabeth 1827-1901, Caroline 1929-1856, Mehosbel 1830-1876
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Courtesy: Wood Carving by Robin Hanson
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Stone Credit: Glenna Bell
Cemetery Picture

Fredericton Junction,, Sunbury County
New Brunswick

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